Saturday, May 14, 2011

Leaked email confirms that Miss Piggy is running for president!

Muppophiles and libertarians have long speculated on pork futures.

According to Miss Piggy has sent an email to her ex-husband Kermit the Frog confirming that she intends to run for president.

The email was leaked to Porkliticususa...

"Dear Kermie,

I wish to tell you that all my oinks were real.  I have decided that I have a more important destiny to fulfill today.  As you know, the rise of radical Islam is a threat.  I can see no better solution to the horrid totalitarian ideology than to run my pork butt for president of the USA.  You might be wondering about my Vice Pork position.

I have chosen Beaker.  He can't be any worse than Joe Biden.

Kermie, you and I have shared much.  I hope that you will not make yourself a spectacle and that you will respect my intentions.

Thank you so much.  Mu-wah!

Miss Piggy.

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