Monday, August 15, 2011

Who is submissive?

While my eggs aren't in the Bachmann basket, the left's concern about her "submissiveness" seems scrambled.  Oh, I know, it's just politics. It's important for them to claim that her husband is a gay man and that she's somehow dangerously non-feminist.

Will Marcus really be running the country if she should somehow become the president?

Will Bill be running the country if Hillary should somehow become the president?

How in denial is it, in this day and age, to claim that a woman who is a lawyer and became a Congresswoman is somehow "submissive"?

Who, really, is looking for submissiveness on the part of their supporters?

It seems to me that it's the liberals who are looking for people to submit.  They do this by framing social issues.  In reality, if your business is about to go down the tubes, it doesn't matter if you employ a representative sample of gay folks, atheists, vegetarians, non-white people and peace protestors.

They will all still be shit out of luck when you close your doors.   As people wake up to this reality, and despite strides made in human rights in this country, the left only becomes increasingly more shrill about social issues.  It has always been the tendency of the liberals to ignore past progress in favor of holding grudges.  Without a grudge...they don't have a wedge.  As progress has been made these "progressives" regress to dredging up past injustices and trying to get you to focus on how those dangerous theocrats are coming for your rights!

Don't you dare leave the plantation!

You have to vote for your INTERESTS... they say.  Forget about voting for your principles.  Hello ... lefties?  It's your FISCAL policies that are sinking you.  All the "we are the ones who care about the poor people, minorities, gay people, women and mother Gaia" in the world won't save you if you insist on tax and spend.  You didn't even come up with a BUDGET.  Instead, you unsheathed your swords on the people who said, "This is insanity."

It's the economy, stupid.

People are waking up to the fact that liberals want their voters to submit.  The average American who is worried about her country and its citizens being able to EAT ... is not going to walk around fearing that the religious right is holding a prayer meeting.   The average American knows that Obama has us involved in Libya now.  Despite the "show me what fresh outrage today" culture of the internet ... people have a memory of longer than the past two weeks.

So... do your best to try to divert your submissives from the real issues, lefties...but we are ALL Americans and we don't want to hang the "closed for business" sign in the window.

Submit to the left at your peril.

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