Wednesday, September 14, 2011

So the Obamanazis set up this site...really....

#It's called attackwatch.

It's owned by the Obama campaign and you are to report attacks and even rumors.  The site is very black and white and RED and they like to debunk things using Mediamatters.

They even said that if you wanted to report something... you should go on Twitter and use a hashtag.


All day long, hilarity has ensued.

You can see the very best of American humor here.

It's not only donkeys who can laugh.

Some group called misfitpolitics created this FINE satire commercial for Obama's new snitch site.

Here are my choices for my favorite, most poignant posts today to the hashtag "attackwatch":

New jobs plan from #attackwatch turn in a RINO $10, a Republican $20, a 912er $40, tea partier $60 and a tea party leader $100, Paulbots $0-------------

No one will ever see my tweets at #attackwatch because there are so many. Can you have other tweeters..uh.."removed"?

 ‎#attackwatch Many people are quoting Obama's campaign promises. That's just mean. Make them stop!

The red, black and white color scheme seems oddly reminiscent of something. Thinking ... thinking #attackwatch

I just drove my car over the speed limit to McDonalds and bought a Happy Meal with an evil, evil toy in it. #attackwatch

Dear #AttackWatch Somebody cut me off in traffic. I think it was a Tea Party Terrorist trying to suppress my vote.

When is Obama going to call for us to "rise above partisanship" and sign up for his #AttackWatch email list?! #ncpol

I saw a Republican walking around today unencumbered and free! THIS MUST STOP! #AttackWatch

Hey #AttackWatch how many times does a child have to turn in their parents to get the official Hitler youth knife?

#attackwatch The neighbor's dog only @#$^ on the right half of my property making it into some kinda gopcircle. Alien message?

#attackwatch I just tore that @#$% tag off my mattress

Timepieces being flung at OFA HQ. It's an #AttackWatch watch attack!

Dear #attackwatch, I am the registered owner of the domain names and Interested?

#attackwatch I was at the Waffle House and a Sr. citizen just referred to the President as Barrack Hussein Obama their License # is attached

#attackwatch I just saw several people refuse to eat their peas. Do you have a SWAT team?

Obama I'm confused. If I see someone suspicious should I use #AttackWatch or this illegal class III AK-47 an ATF agent gave me?

Dear @AttackWatch : I was hoping to get a job at your website. Question: Do I need a Mao suit to apply or will you give me one? #attackwatch

Dear #AttackWatch, which is more supportive of Obama's glorious collective? Potatoes or Stove Top Stuffing?

Hey @AttackWatch my car's Check Engine light is on. I did; engine is still there. Light still on. Can you help? #attackwatch

#attackwatch Two socks went into the dryer, only one came out. Please help!

I don't always report on my neighbors, but when I do, I use #AttackWatch

What's black, white, and RED all over? #AttackWatch

How many attacks could #AttackWatch watch if #AttackWatch could attack watches @AttackWatch #attackSwatch

My favorite movie is #AttackWatch of the Killer Tomatos

Dear #AttackWatch: There's this hobbit trying to destory the ring of power. Thought you should know... for no reason at all 

‎#attackwatch I saw someone enter a public school with what looked like a Bible. You better move this one to the top of the list.

Dear #AttackWatch the hobbit is halfway up Mt. Pele, but Krugman has caught up to him and the precious

Who needs a rape whistle? I've got #attackwatch

#attackwatch Just parked my private jet in a handicap space, left it running and bought some lemonade from little girls in yard w/o a permit

‎#attackwatch Lets hope "fighting the smears" doesn't involve my local OB/GYN

#AttackWatch: Because #ResistWeMuch was already taken." @AttackWatch

"Ask not what you can do for your country, ask who of your neighbors, friends and co-workers you can snitch on." #AttackWatch

#AttackWatch already has a bat-signal, but it's solar, so it doesn't work at night

I actually sympathize with #AttackWatch. They remind me of the time I got my head wedged in a bowling ball return chute.

‎#attackwatch I think the rapture has taken place because I can no longer find anyone who says they voted for Obama

Should I only report people who *say* false things, or can I report people who look like they're *thinking* false things? #AttackWatch

#AttackWatch I saw someone reading the 1st Amendment. Please investigate ASAP11oneoneunoexclamationpointdosuno*!

If you want to rat out your Obama-hating neighbor on #AttackWatch call Winston at 666-1984.

I'd say something about a terrible rumor I heard that being president comes w/ criticism but fear reprisals #attackwatch #serioustweet

Just be glad Slick Willie Clinton is not in charge of #attackwatch He'd have it twisted into #attackcrotch within hours.

just got an email from #attackwatch. The subject line was 'Sind seiner papieren in ordnung'. What the hell does that mean?

‎#attackwatch My braces intercepted a coded Message from Marsha. Jan's mouth is writing checks that her butt cant cash. She wants #obamas job

Dear #AttackWatch What's hairy, smelly, lives in the woods, & reports you to the government? A liberal chick? Yes. Also #attackSQUATCH

When should I go to my hidden attic room #attackwatch and start writing my diary?

Dear #attackwatch was peeking through my neighbor's window again-as ordered, and I spotted a BIBLE, a GUN, and an American FLAG. Help!

#attackwatch People are calling our President the Fresh Prince of Bill Ayers, that’s not allowed is it?

#attackwatch somebody I know keeps calling POTUS dumb! Please release his college transcripts so I can prove him wrong!

I saw a 400 lb woman at the store buying a giant tub of ice cream w/ food stamps. I thought we were all supposed to eat peas? #attackwatch

Hey #attackwatch, I saw 6 ATM’s in an alley, killing a Job. It looked like a hate crime!

Dear #AttackWatch I’d like to report the Dos Equis guy. He’s claiming to be the most interesting man in the world. You told me Obama was!

Dear #AttackWatch I’m still trying to understand why anyone wants to attack watches.

Dear #AttackWatch: I would like to report a man named Jeremiah Wright for interrupting Obama’s Sunday naps with racist tirades.

Dear @attackwatch, some guy is saying that freedom is NOT slavery, war is NOT peace, and ignorance is NOT strength! Stop him!

Hey #attackwatch, I just saw a kid opt out of apples with his Happy Meal!

Dear @AttackWatch : Weather maps on TV only show 50 states. WHAT HAPPENED TO THE OTHER SEVEN?

Hey @attackwatch,I saw TeaPartiers vandalize & destroy $millions of property last month.Wait no,those were #Union thugs!

Dear #attackwatch, with all that Stimulus money, you would think you could afford a web developer who was older than 3. 

Hey #attackwatch, I think Ted Nugent is using a Gibson guitar - you should go take it away from him.

Have too much cash on hand? Money burning a hole in your pocket? No worry, just ask your doctor about Solyndra. #attackwatch

Gas prices over $4/gallon, unemployment 9.1%, deficit $14 trillion, "If you love me" - Priceless! 

#attackwatch I'd like to report the squirrels in my yard, they are killing ACORNs

Is Obama a republican stooge to make democrats look bad? #attackwatch

Hey  do you have some AFL-CIO guys near the little league park in S. Miami, FL? There's an SOB here I think should be taken out.

Do we have to speak German now? 

Hey  -- So this is how tyranny dies ... with thunderous applause .

I wanted to donate to , but PayPal doesn’t accept blood money...

How I can become an official  member? Do I DO something someone else reports or do I REPORT something someone else does?

Hey  , I am writing this with the light of an incandescent light bulb.

Hey,  This guy at the store was saying you still have some troops in Afhanistan. How can they just lie like that!

Oh crap. I mistakenly opened a third beer. At least it's a good beer. But I opened it without a bartender. 

#attackwatch so r these fast rails going 2 come pick us all up, bound for re-education camps?

Pardon me. I'm serious, pardon me or I write a book. Signed, Tony Rezko. 

Hey, where's the left, don't see em on  much. But...they're so tech savvy, they should be dominating w/their superior intellect!

I need 11 more followers to make it to 500. If I get them in the next 24 hours, I promise to report all 11 to 

#attackwatch I'm pretty sure these mocking tweets are astro-turf funded by the Koch brothers!!!

There's a bible in my hotel room.. 

Some guy named Tom Jefferson said "Delay is preferable to error." I think he's attacking your jobs bill and Obamacare! 

you may wanna report "aliens vs cowboys". It sounds like an endorsement for Perry 

Dear  staff - do you idiots count as jobs 'saved or created'?

#attackwatch Congress may not have called Obama on his threat to hold SS checks hostage until spending credit was increased but NY-09 did

Is it true that Keynesian economics is not Kenyan economics? 
AttackWatch Twitter Movie hits theaters this Friday - Liberals will never guess the surprise twist beginning 


God Bless America.


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  3. Hilarious! This is blog gold! Damn, do I have to turn myself in for writing that?

  4. I'd like to report the constitution for attacking Obama.

  5. Quirk, I'm going to have to report your blog to Obama. I'm sorry, but I must. I have my orders and I must march to them!