Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Pelosi tells Republicans to be more like Democrats...problem solved!

I think that by now, we've all noticed the left-wing's strategy for the next election.  They aren't going to bring IDEAS ... they are going to bring indictments.  They've been told to use the words "extreme" and "radical" when referring to their opponents.

And here's Nancy Pelosi decrying the Republicans and urging her "friends" to "take back their party."

Seems to me that the party did pretty well in the last election.  Of course, Nan lost her position, so she might have a different take on events.  What was the last election about? Some would have you believe that it was about racism, greed and Godwin.  It was about this.

It is as a result of massive government spending and expansion of government power...(See:  The Insurance Bill, GM bailout, bank bailouts, student loan takeover ... etc.) that many Americans took to the streets to stop the national car ... now in the ditch ... from careening down the ravine.  It truly seems that, to some liberals, no government expansion is a bad government expansion.

Liberals like Nancy DO need to begin to understand that it is not government that was meant to solve every problem.  Empower the private citizens to solve problems.  Instead of simply shaking our heads when we hear yet another story about a government program that is poorly run, riddled with fraud, and financially unsupportable we need to find our righteous ire and demand accountability and efficiency.

The most telling part of Nancy Pelosi's statement was THIS comment:  "To my Republican friends: take back your party. So that it doesn’t matter so much who wins the election..."

Oh Nan, you really are asking for the kind of business as usual that has the citizenry absolutely fed up.  It does matter who wins elections.  Remember elections having consequences, Madame ex-speaker?  Remember back when the left was vociferously protesting Bush and even burning him in effigy in your own city?   

Were you chiming in then to tell people to simmer down?  Of course not.  But when annoyed citizens showed up at town hall meetings and were upset about what was happening in Washington, you called them "unamerican" and even the White House disagreed with you.

In short, no one's fooled by this sort of rhetoric.  Pelosi's asking for a change in the opposition party to something more like her party.  That's exactly the sort of thing that has people disillusioned and exasperated with Washington in general.  

As to Pelosi's question about why it MATTERS who wins elections...and why can't Republicans be more like Democrats, I refer her to Henry Higgins.

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