Monday, March 26, 2012


You know how sometimes you watch a tv show and you get a secondary message?  I guess what I'm trying to say is, you watch someone's reaction to something and it is more insightful than what the show actually has to offer?

I like the show "Who do you think you are?"

A few nights ago, they were exploring the heritage of actress Helen Hunt.

Helen found out that her great-great grandmother was a prominent figure in the Christian women's temperance movement.

You could literally see her cringe and shrivel.

Her ancestor was a Christian trying to stop alcohol?  Of course, Helen was filtering through a modern prism.  For me, it was very telling to see her reaction.  I can't help but think ... gee, is it THAT bad to think that your ancestor, in her time, was a Christian and a temperance leader?

She acted like she'd discovered her great great gran was a Nazi-collaborator.


Helen got an education.  Women had no vote back then and alcoholism was rampant in society.  It was destroying families and was a factor in men beating women.   The ONLY avenue her ancestor had available to try to make a change was Christian women's temperance.

Gawd forbid great-great-gran is politically incorrect.   But shoot...she came before you ... have a little faith.

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