Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Occupy hoodie

I believe Americans must have the right to peaceably assemble.  In the early days, I even attended a Tea Party protest here.  My decision at that time was not to join the Tea Party, but to remain GOP with Libertarian tendencies.  I feel in flux now.  There seems to be a horde of some who take a moment in time and pass judgment upon it.  Like Nancy Pelosi saying she "saw swastikas" (something that was NEVER substantiated) at tea party led to many clueless uber-liberals infesting the blogosphere with Godwin.

It's good when life intervenes in cyberlife because it makes us unturtle and look around.  It makes us really commune with our elders.  The ones who don't give a whit about what happens on a computer.  I suppose it's healthy for a person now to straddle two worlds ... the concrete one ... and the cyberworld because cyberland can impact the real world.

At 41, life's odd.  I'm either in the middle, or young, or old.  There's really no telling.  I have some longevity in my family, but I also have some early deaths.  Will medical science produce me some miracle cures for what might end up ailing me, or do I have months/years?  It's a good place to be, though, because I don't have to pretend to be either young or old.  I don't need to pander to youth OR old age.  I can watch what I see and comment about it.  I can do this whether you like it or not.

I'm lucky because I've been both blessed and cursed.  Jesus is my savior, but I'm not impractical.  Everything could be illuminated, or it could all go south tomorrow.  Whatever happens, I'm not afraid.

Knowing these things, I have some advice for the occupiers...

1) - If you are a Nazi or a communist, you are shit out of luck.  We have the second amendment and that's just the way it is, baby.

2) - If you aren't American, GTFO.  Go back to your own country and try to make your demands there.  Change in America should and must be left to Americans.  There is, literally, NO OTHER COUNTRY like the USA.  We're only 200 plus years old and we've invited a plethora of different ethnicities here to the golden door.   People have achieved greatness and overcome adversity...people of all stripes.

3) - You may think you are erudite because you practice moral equivalence.  Real Americans, though ... know right and wrong and we're willing to call it like we see it.  If you are not right ... we'll be here to call your bluff.   We're one nation under God and OJ might have been found "not guilty"...but where is he right now?  I imagine Casey Anthony doesn't have a minute's peace.

OJ did it.

4) - If you hate the system of government we have and think it should be different and if you hate America... seriously...go find a better country.  Move and put US out of your misery.  If they won't take you...maybe you'll finally HAVE to quit whining.

5) - I don't have a problem if you don't believe in God ... but if you want to try to REMOVE God, well, you'll have to go through many people.  If the militant God-hater, Satan-servants get the majority and decide to persecute those who believe in peace and have faith in God, this will turn into a terrible painting and God ultimately will wind up removing the blasphemy and throwing back a blank canvas.  Count on it.

6) - Quit hating the rich.  I understand your grievance with people who have genuinely done wrong and share your wish to see them brought to justice, but you are going too far.  Guillotines?  Really?  French revolution...are you nuts?  Our education system is rotten if you truly think we're at the stage for THAT KIND of revolution.  In France, people were starving.  Most Americans, if they'd get a sense of perspective...would understand that not being able to afford a video game system doesn't mean you get to lop of the head of the guy that owns the local electrical company.

7) - Turn yourselves away from the idea of violence or any system that could result in abuse of power and totalitarianism.  Understand the possibility of unintended consequences.  Maybe it will make you better understand checks and balances.

8) - Check your sources.  Internet is a mixed blessing.  Things are at your fingertips, but it's incumbent upon you to check and check and check again.  Your superbuddy might have this blog that you love because it confirms all of your biases ... but if 50% of the content is bs ... no one should accept the other 50% either. If you are listening to someone and they are getting you all wound up and angry and feeling like you are mad as hell and not going to take it anymore ... breathe.

9) - Quit blaming the older people for the current situation.  Especially the really elderly.  They have wisdom and are the real heroes of the nation.  They went through an ACTUAL depression and didn't occupy anything but their houses of worship.  They have a lot to tell you if you'll listen.  Sure, they may say things through clacking dentures, but shame on you for writing them off.  They sit by the window and pray that the USA will remain a good place for the little sweet kids' faces to keep smiling.

My Nana and grandpa are concerned that you might be a dumb@$$

*pause to take a breath*

10) - These occupiers in the USA should not be invoking occupations in other countries, particularly in the Middle East, because those aren't really turning out so well.  We all hoped, but hope doesn't buy you reality...does it?  So ... if you want to make YOUR occupy movement a good one ... find your sanity and come up with a coherent plan that works within the framework of the US government...  Also, understand that because of instability and evil in some corners of the world, the USA must NEVER sacrifice its upper hand militarily.

If you do...I may join you.  Until then...I'm going to occupy hoodie.

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