Monday, October 10, 2011

Today's discoveries...

I am having some distance vision problems.  I had LASIK in 2003, but I have to squint.  I know I need to see Mr Eye Doc...but I thought maybe I could scrounge up a pair of my old glasses just to see if MAYBE they might appears, alas, that I gave the old pairs to the Lions' Club old glasses donation point.  That lacked foresight.  Punny.

My houseplants are still alive.  I don't really worry much about them and just water them whenever.  I have a spider plant and a philodendron.  I really am not very good with plants.  After my dad died, we got several potted peace plants and Mom really wanted them to live.  I was attentive to those plants.  I tried everything...less water, more water...I managed to murder them all...another one bites the dust-style.

But my current plants really are okey dokey.  I guess that's a life lesson.  Don't over-tend it.  Water it when it needs it and it'll be alright.

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