Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Master Peace - Aug. 2007

  • Trapped in the middle
    and living perdition
    of love always attached to condition
    Glinda the good witch
    Where have you got to
    We hurt 'cause we care
    Could the answer be not to
    I've both led the charge
    And quick fled the scene
    And witnessed the battle 
    That stings in between
    I open my window and somebody's fighting
    Drop my hook in the water the bad fish are biting
    Some wade around in emotional sludge
    Licking wounds and deciding to judge
    The judges survive by pointing the finger
    And thinking the hurt they inflict will not linger
    I build a bridge and you burn it down
    So now there's a wall for you to wail on
    The mantle of safety's so easily busted
    And steely resolve is so thoroughly rusted
    The sagest of souls will pour out its cares
    And become a blessed puppet stringed only by prayers
    If baby has armor, baby can fly
    Aloft with the wings of a new lullabye
    I smile and I sleep because you are above me
    And it's in my dreams where you say that you love me
    We hit our stride and get smacked down by strife
    Ten million bucks ain't a prizeworthy life
    Although it can seem that the woes will not cease
    It's your bright still life that's a true masterpiece.

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