Saturday, October 8, 2011

I look back and I can't help wondering... - March 2009

Several years back I took my grandmother to a clothing store.  It was called "Victoria's" and I had met the owner in the ER (she was not a patient) and she told me about her place.  I'd been in before.  Victoria specialized in really unique clothing, dresses and flowing pantsuits, some very elaborate.  They came in a spectrum of colors and designs.

On the day I went in with my grandmother, there was a black woman in the shop and we all got to talking.  It turned out that the woman was shopping for her preacher's wife.  She had driven a long way to find something really special for the 40th (I think) anniversary of the preacher at the church.

There were several possibilities and we oohed and aahed. She finally settled on one that was more than she was supposed to spend, but it was divine, truly.  It was purple and flowing, with a great design...just a show stopper.

After she'd picked the outfit, Victoria kind of sheepishly pulled out a board full of earrings and pointed to a pair and said, "I have these earrings that go with that."

They were SPECTACULAR.  Kind of showy, but with the perfect colors and really, were just like they were made for the outfit.  They were about 38$, I think, and the woman said, "I just can't do it.  I've already gone over budget on the outfit...but they ARE beautiful."

You might have guessed already what comes next.  My grandma pulled out her billfold, got the money and said, "Your preacher's wife HAS to have those earrings, too."  The woman was really grateful and asked my grandmother's name and said that she would make sure the preacher's wife knew about the generous act and, of course, "God bless you." Grandma was grandma, saying it wasn't a problem and she was happy to do it.

Now, everytime I see Reverend Wright up at his pulpit in his purple robes gesticulating about the terribleness of this country and its inhabitants, I can't help thinking that he's been preaching a long time in Chicago, which is a drive from where I live.  Wouldn't be ironic if it was HIS wife who received a pair of perfect earrings courtesy of God and a little white woman named "Grace"?

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