Saturday, October 8, 2011

When blondes cook - Feb. 2008

I haven't made fresh salsa for quite awhile, but I really love it, so I decided to make it for the Super Bowl.  It's always better after it sits, so I decided to put it together tonight.  When I make bruschetta, I like it chunky, so I generally put all the onion, garlic, olive oil, salt, balsamic and basil in the food processor with around seven grape tomatoes to liquify so I can taste it and adjust, knowing that it's going to get a bunch more tomato.
I used the same method for the salsa, in with the cilantro and garlic and onion and salt, tomatoes and liquefy.   Then I put a teeny spoonful in my mouth to taste.  Split second!  I realize I've got two concentrated, pureed jalapenos in there.  Just about as the mix lodged behind my uvula and caught fire.  I saw mauve.

I did a one-footed dance thinking, "I'm a gringa, help me Jesus!"  I saw my glass of water on the counter and remembered that it's MILK that helps the burning.

I downed some milk because my ancestors lived on icebergs where no peppers grew and the salsa is done now...and tastes good, but my eyes are red, my nose is running and my sinuses are still humming a mariachi tune.

Will I make THAT mistake again?  50/50 odds, actually.

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