Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Day of tiny kismets

The errand at the top of my mind today was getting my vision checked.  Once I'd had a bit of caffeine, internettled, and  showered I drove to the eyeglasses place that I always use (fearless creature of habit).  It was 11:30 and they couldn't do the vision check until 3:15.  So I decided I'd fill that time.  I needed some stuff from Target.  I had another errand.  I remembered that I ought to get my oil changed.  (My brother also tells me now that I need to occasionally use my emergency brake in order to realign my rear brakes or something like that and when he told me that yesterday I pounded my fist on the table in frustration.)  I am a girl and I don't want to have to know that stuff.  I explained to him that it was sufficient that I know where my coolant, oil, brake fluid, and (most importantly) windshield washer fluid go and knowing more than this is going to make all my estrogen evaporate...ushering in more unwanted facial hair.  Ok, I didn't tell him the last part, but I did bang my fist on the table and say that I'm a girl and I don't wanna.

In the Target I needed some little books to keep my brain in.  Don't ask.  I got that Garnier rollerball stuff for under the eyes because I've squinted myself some wrinkles.  I'm sure it will be an exercise in futility ... but I'll FEEL like I'm doing something and rolling it on seems kind of whimsical.  I found other sundries and bought the Train CD.  Oh...in the dollar aisle I got a container with a working push pump on top for a couple of things I have that have broken push pumps.  Boy, that's exciting.  I looked for the autumn scented glade plug in oil I reallyreallyreally like and got at the Wal Mart a couple of months ago, but they didn't have it.  They also didn't have Katy Perry's album, so I decided I'd have to hit the Wal Mart as well.

I drove to the oil change place I always go to ... and all three bays were full so I headed to Wal Mart.  Alas, I was SOL on the Katy Perry album and the scented oil and I left Wal Mart with nothing.  That's virtually unheard of.  Then dingdingding...I remembered Best Buy.  I got the CD there and it was only six bucks.

Lunch was Wendy's.  Burger, fries and water.  

Then I decided that I needed some stuff to put in some care packages for people, so I hit Dollar Heaven in the mall.  Got myself a little purse hairbrush and some lipstick and when I paid it came to $20.23.  As I went digging for change... the guy behind the counter said, "It's ok... you can keep the change."  Very nice!

Still I had time to spare, so I went to the Goodwill and picked up a few things.  Finally it was time for the eye appointment.

Glasses. What did I get the LASIK for? Well...I guess so that my eyesight isn't literally like a Monet painting. Bye vanity. Hello vision. Well, kinda vanity, too because the squinties were giving me under eye wrinkles and I bought the groovy rollerball wand to try to get rid of them.  Anyway... I won't need to be GLUED to the glasses like back in the day...and they were reasonable as was the exam...not thousands of dollars like Deepak Chopra's spangly ones. 

I have already shocked myself looking in the mirror.  

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