Saturday, October 8, 2011

Pioneer telemarketing: Extreme lifesaving edition

I like where I live.  It's a nice community.  Last week I posted a story about Zella Docherty, who has recently passed away, and her role in selling a large load of peaches that my grandfather bought for the store.

I had forgotten the story about another fantastic thing she did, but my grandmother reminded me today.
Grandpa was a very ill man most of his life.  He was one of the first to have his entire stomach removed surgically.  He had suffered from bleeding ulcers.

Actually, in one episode, he lost so much blood that they pumped 22 pints into him.  The doctor told my grandma, "I don't think he'll make it, he's got so much different mixed up blood in him now."

He required so much blood, (this was before the surgery) that Zella (the switchboard operator) called members of the community to tell them to go to the hospital and donate.  Grandpa lived to a ripe old age.

Amazing, huh?

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