Saturday, October 8, 2011

Why a complete news blackout might be good for me right now. April 2009

The blogosphere is madness.  I know this *is* a blog, but I would never Digg my blog as a legitimate source of information.  This is all just opinion and creative writing and stuff.  It's my little world of thoughts and if, occasionally, you find yourself agreeing it is as my niece often says, "Even a blind squirrel finds a nut every now and then."  Plus, it means you like sentence fragments.

Speaking of nuts.  They are a healthy snack.

I've been reading about the green issue in an attempt to come to my own conclusions, but I have one thing to say about us:  There's all this talk about regulating things, moving to alternate sources of energy etc.

Why doesn't anyone complain about our excess of packaging?  It turns into pollution.  Sure, you can recycle some things, but have you noticed that when you go to the grocery store these days, everything is individually packaged in more and more individual packaging?

I do the old fashioned thing and shop around the edges of the store.

And so, the blogospere is rage-ridden and crazy, granted, but lately SO are the mainstream news stories.  I submit for your consideration and my comment:

Ban fast food from proximity to schools.

No, how about you tell your kid that 20 McNuggets aren't a good idea as an after school snack?  Unless your kid is Michael Phelps with the munchies.  Then it's ok.  What happened to responsibility?

Fat people cause global warming.

I want to know what DOESN'T cause global warming.  You know what this means?  We'd better protect EVERYONE from fast food.  If food consumption causes global warming, the title of this story could have been "Michael Phelps Causes Global Warming".  How about they lay off of fat people?  If I wasn't trying to lose some weight before my cousin's wedding next month, I'd eat an entire package of Oreo Cookies just to cause the destruction of the planet.  I'm that po'd.

Are we ready for a solar Katrina?

I dunno.  Are we ready for a gargantuan asteroid to hit Earth?  I read articles like this and some others here and I guarantee you, I'm not tapping "Revelations" again for awhile.

Hurricanes shoot water ice into atmosphere possibly increasing global warming.

So, global warming causes hurricanes, which feed global warming.  It's pretty clear to me that we can do other stuff, but we can't stop hurricanes, so OBVIOUSLY, we're all going to die in a humungous catacylismic hurricane. 

Have a nice day.

Hang on.

Scientists warn that the sun has dimmed.

I'm no scientist, but if this is true, wouldn't it kind of offset global you know what?

I might have some Oreos after all.

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