Monday, October 17, 2011


I'm always ever too much in my head and not so much in my body.   Recently, I did a little bit of beginner's yoga and I sort of enjoyed it.  I'm not the worship-Gaia, eat-granola type and I never will be...(I'm NOT buying Kashi again)...but I picked myself out a yoga DVD that I thought I might be able to handle.

Sure enough it started out with green advocacy (not that there's anything wrong with that) and was produced by  (this is like rolled my eyes.  I am not Gaia...I'm just one of Jesus' rowdy kids inhabiting the blue marble. I started the tape and tried to follow and quickly found out that it's WAY above my pay grade.  So I had a conversation with myself.  Those happen sometimes.  This time I won and I decided that I'd stop the tape, turn to a music channel on my cable and stretch at my own pace.  There's a groovy one I landed on called "Soundscapes."  I thought, "A soundscape is JUST what I need while I try to breathe and stretch."

It was lovely.  And I satisfied my inner tyrant because I did it my way.  At the end, I decided that I should stretch my back.  I turned to another station and it was I think "soft contemporary".  It was a musical version of "Are You Lonesome Tonight".

Thinking of Elvis and all of us lonely people made me sad.  I'll stretch my back later.  But was a small victory for the day.

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