Wednesday, October 12, 2011

When my niece was in Afghanistan. She is brave. April 2009

Her room in the hut.  Not the Ritz.  No room service.

Desert camo doesn't do much against a checked floor like that.

I love this picture.  She crossed this bridge when she came to it.

The Red Cross office.  Open 7 days a week every week.  24 hours a day, every day.

She said the mountains were stunning.

Truly stunning with a little sun.

Don't go there.

She did go here.

Praying after rehearsal.

Someone else got off base and took this one and the next.

I wonder how old?  Look at the awesome window.

Only one night spent in the bunker.  But there's hydration.

Winter came.

She told Santa she missed Peeps most of all.

For Christmas, Peeps sent her some fezzers to remember him by.

M.R.E - Meal ready to eat.  And Dew ready to drink.

Beef stew MRE.

Sleeping on the floor of the C-17 on the way home under the booger blanket.

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