Saturday, October 8, 2011

Incompatibilia Nincompoopus - Feb 2009

"Politics makes strange bedfellows"

What's my agenda again?  Head reeling.  Trying to figure stuff out.  Maybe it all is REALLY in Revelations, but will not "imminentize the eschaton".

Iran is buddy now, Hollywood going there to exchange "culture".  American "culture" one of Iran's main complaints.  Should be interesting.

Hillary goes to China.  Makes nice.  Says we love you.  Please don't put too much lead in the toys we buy.  Nevermind Russian missiles you're trying to get, after all husband's administration reached out to you in special ways.  It was "good kind" of touching.  What about Tibet?  Richard Gere?  Why aren't you screaming?  Nevermind China pollution, we will offset you by putting our own industry out of business.  We won't pollute.  We will be poor people who are green, Allelujah. It's we are the world time.

Sean Penn gets Oscar for "Milk".  Wonder if Sean's going to Iran.  Milk would be hanged there.  Sean says we elected "elegant" president...doesn't mention that elegant president doesn't favor gay marriage.  Or so he said.  Maybe with a wink.

Actor's may strike.  Many actors socialist.  Want their money distributed to the poor.  Want more money, first.  To offset tax increase?

Money in stimulus for "weatherization".  Blogger knows someone who bought old house, working on it, putting most income into bills and repairs, little leftover.  Blogger thinks maybe "weatherization" can get some extra money for new homeowners, because green is green.  Blogger discovers no money because homeowners not "low income".  Homeowners may have to take loan to replace old windows. 

President gets unapologetic tax criminal in charge of the Treasury.  President came from blogger's own state.  Government of blogger's own state imploding over total corruption.  Economy of whole country in the crapper.

President making nice with former enemies without concessions beforehand.  President not trying terrorists.  President appointing anti-Israel fellow to "circle of advisors".  Christians praying for nation.  Revered Wright damning Amerikka.
 First black Attorney General calling us "cowards".

I need a bubble bath and some pudding. 

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