Saturday, October 8, 2011

Bonjour - June 2008

I feel Frenchy.

No, I haven't met a guy named Frenchy.  I know how your mind works.

I see that there is going to be a NEW show called "Celebrity Circus".  Everything 70's is new again.  Remember "Circus of the Stars"?  I was CRAZY about that show.  You just KNEW that Erik Estrada was going to fall off the trapeze.  Back in the 70's, it was IMPERATIVE to be on time in front of the TV to watch these shows.  We only had 5 stations and there was no way to record anything.  If you missed it, you were escrewed.  And we walked 5 miles uphill in the snow with no shoes to school.

Anyway, one night Circus of the Stars was coming on.  I'd been excited ALL week.  Dad promised to make popcorn.  As the show was going to start, Dad was in another part of our apartment above the hardware store.  I could not contain myself, I started to run to get Dad because It Was Coming On.  We had a hallway that made a Y.  So basically, I ran up the bottom of the Y.  I was going so fast, fueled by excitement and the promise of family TV and popcorn that I was unable to veer left or right.  So I just went face first into the wall at the top of the bottom of the Y.  "Boof."

This popped up a nasty reverse V ^ shaped cut on my forehead that was pronounced as needing stitches.  We went to the ER.

I completely missed "Circus of the Stars". 

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