Saturday, October 8, 2011

So you know what kind of humor makes me pee my pants laughing? Oct 2008

Today I'm at my grandma's.  For a few days.  I brought the home-made jerky and also, I made pea soup.  My brother likes pea soup, so I put a good amount into a special Tupperware thing for him to take to work.  It has a special little hatch on top that pops open when you're ready to nuke it.

I decided to show Matt how it worked, so I stood in front of him with the container and said, "You just give this circle a push and it pops open to heat."

All of this happened very quickly.  It was one of those moments that's very fast, but plays out slow in your head.  You know?
As I popped the hatch open, for some reason, pea soup went flying out of the little if under pressure.  I mean, it jumped into the air and did a perfect arc right onto my brother with soup drops of various sizes...from fine spray to, well, globules.  It wasn't A LOT of soup, but it was enough.

I watched horrified as it was happening.  It hit his glasses, it hit his face, it hit his work shirt.  And that's when I convulsed into gales of laughter that, as he briskly walked towards the bathroom muttering something which conveyed the message that he thought I was no Einstein, had me absolutely in tears. 

I really didn't mean to do it, but I haven't laughed that hard in forever, so I'm kind of glad I'm no Einstein.  Good thang pea soup doesn't sting or stain.

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