Saturday, October 8, 2011

The new librarian gave me a complex....Nov. 2008

I was checking some books out yesterday and there was a new librarian.  The name tag said, "Jill".  She scanned my books and then...
..she chuckled.
I was taken aback. 
This is not what the librarians are supposed to do.  They silently scan your books, then stamp them, then deactivate them so you don't beep when you leave and they nod and you take your books and go.
Then she added insult to injury by saying, "Chaucer and David Sedaris?"
And then she laughed again.
What was I to do?  I mean, she sees EVERYTHING and she's amused by my book choice?  I did a little soft shoe, put my hands out and said, "That's me."
Should I pay more attention to what I grab from the shelves?  Do the librarians meet later for office gossip and talk about it? 
"I had one that checked out David Sedaris and Chaucer!"
"I had one that checked out every book on ESP and spontaneous combustion...should I be worried?"
"This one guy checked out the STD books we had.  Good to know.  He was cute, too."
I've decided that I will handle this new era librarian in my own fashion.  When she's working I will make a point of raising her proverbial eyebrows. 
"Jackie Collins and Voltaire?"
"They're not really that different, really.  Jackie Collins just uses more description."

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