Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Locks of Love Experience - April 2009

Here's their website.

I called the salon beforehand to find out what to do in order to donate my hair.  First, I confirmed that they do Locks of Love, and I found out the haircut would cost 12$.  I've been letting it grow for about 5 years and wanted to make sure I had enough.  They said they need ten inches of chemically untreated, dry hair.

Grandma has been wanting me to cut it for a long time and since my niece wanted a trim, I thought this would be a good time.

She gathered the hair into a ponytail at the top of my neck and cut.  She said that she thought there was about 14 inches for them to work with.

As she (Destiny, no lie!) was continuing to cut my hair into a bob, she told me that donations aren't that common, since most people sport short dos with regular upkeep, or chemically treat their hair.  She told me about three little Asian girls who had come in to donate (apparently Asian hair is prized), but they only had 8 inches.  Nonetheless, they decided they didn't want to wait to cut their hair.  She said if they'd waited 4 months, there would have been three donations!

So anyway, after she finished my cut, she told me she "took ten years off".  I said, "You took ten years off my life?  I only wanted a haircut."  But grandma is over the moon.  And, apparently, I'm only almost 30 now.  The stylist held up the ponytail and said, "Do you want to send it?  Or should we?"  I said, "I trust you to send it, that's why I came to you!"

The best part, when I got up to pay, Destiny said, "The haircut is free since you donated to Locks of Love."  I said "Golly, thanks," and gave her some money.

If you are like me, just plum lazy, with hair that grows quickly...I highly recommend donating the evidence of your lackadaisical nature to Locks of Love.  Doing so will make your grandmother h to the i to the p.  This morning she said to me, "Good morning shawty!"  I'm pretty sure she was talking about the haircut...

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