Thursday, July 28, 2011

Do the math

Remember < from math?  4<7?  We are now in a time of consistently being told USA <.  < What?  I'm not sure yet.

Go to any liberal hangout on the web and see grievance upon grievance against the USA.  Someone killed a wolf.  DEMONIC!  Now, that wolf might have been killed because the wolf population got so large it was threatening the very existence of ANOTHER wildlife population, but someone killed a wolf.  That person <.  And as a nation, we are < because it happens!

Someone poor is losing their house!  USA is < because everyone should get a house here even while there are tent cities in Africa.  They got the loan because we changed the policies because the poor person > the ability to repay.  Now we must make them = by paying up.

An industry is emitting CO2 into the atmosphere.  That business < now, even though they've consistently kept emissions standards.  It would be fine to move that business to a poorer country.  Employing near-slave labor there would = out their emissions violations.  At least the people would have jobs.  Here, though, the union > the individual rights of the worker.

Some people in country X are expressing concern about the actions of some Muslim immigrants to their country!  That country < because ALL Muslim immigrants are = or possibly >!  Just misunderstood!

A soldier becomes a conscientious objector.  That soldier > other soldiers!

An atheist gets upset because he/she's being exposed to people of faith.  Since that person is < in number, their opinion > in weight!

America, the young nation that elected its first black president is a nation of cowards in talking about race.  We are < France, < Sudan!  Some people should get to be > in order that all can be =.

The head of the UN calls us a deadbeat nation.  The HOME to the UN is < even in the midst of a huge crisis because he wants us to show him the money.  Who is greedy again?  But he's the head of the UN so his intelligence > ours.

We are < in education even though the per capita spending on students is > every country except Canada.  But we should spend more and if we question this, we are against education.  The liberals seem to feel that any student graduating the system and becoming a Republican is an indication that education <.  I would, however, say it's a sign that indoctrination <.

I think what's going on in America is a backlash from the gut.

Self-loathing doesn't suit a person.  To look in the mirror and be preoccupied with everything that's wrong.  How can it be a healthy prescription for an entire country?

We are getting tired of being told we are <.  We are beginning to see that it's just a way to destroy our sense of self and push an agenda we don't agree with.  We understand that in the eyes of some, if we feel a need to rein things in, we are not progressive, we are <.  We used to believe we were =.

Some people believe we, as a nation,  >.

Almost everyone's had a job where the motto seemed to be: "The floggings will continue until morale improves."  Now, from our gut, we feel that this is a national preoccupation and we're waiting for the one who will say, "You know, you're actually great.  You are not <.  You are certainly = to the task.  And in some respects, you really are >."

People are recovering their sense of selves and watching the government do more and more in the name of <.  We've begun to do the math.

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