Saturday, July 23, 2011

I had sushi at a buffet in Illinois

There's so much wrong with that statement, I know.  You're wondering if I'm on crack.  Actually, in Illinois, it would be meth.  From what I understand of meth, it's like Chlorocrack, made from stuff under the sink.  Every once in awhile a lab blows and knocks the trailer right off its cement blocks.

I have had sushi before.  It's okay.  I'm not averse to trying unconventional foods, but I don't have a sushi passion akin to the one my cousin has.  That ginger loves him some sushi.

Anyway, there are these Chinese buffets blossoming all over here, where "Old Country Buffet"s used to be.  They have an assortment of Chinese food, an American salad bar (with lychees on it) a Mongolian chef-y area and lots of seafood, with a sushi chef.

I decided to try the sushi.  To be honest, the sushi chef was looking kind of lonely.  I got a tuna roll and then something else with tuna and avocado in it, but he took the tongs and excitedly put some things with eel in them on my plate.  "Is eer, is good!"

I got my wasabi and soy sauce, but passed on the pickled ginger.

I dunked my tuna roll and put it in my mouth.  Ok, it's not BAD, per se...but it's not tail-waggingly good either.  I tried the other tuna roll and it was about the same, even with the avocado on it.  I tried.  Really.  Maybe it's Freudian (not that I go all in for that Freudian crap) but...I could not bring myself to try the eel.

It's all good.  My brother took the plate and finished the Sushi off and then we went to Wal Mart.  Only in America.

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