Saturday, July 23, 2011

"This is when he poops his pants" .... Aug. 2009

My brother remembers me saying this.  Torture is once again (coincidentallly?) in the news.  I mean, I'd never think that because the health care bill's meeting with dissent and Obama's ratings are tanking that they'd put TORTURE back in the news cycle deliberately, or anything.

Am I the only one noticing that the torture story headlines are really sensationalistic and then the actual info is nothing new?  In fact, leftist sites and Seymour Hersh have said WAAAAY worse than these released pieces of information?

Did Al Qaeda sign Geneva Conventions and when they get one of ours, they give them marshmallows and let them watch Comedy Central all day long...or do they behead them on YouTube? Because I'm not sure what I'm supposed to think, here.

So far, according to official reports, we've got three or four top Al Qaeda leaders subjected to enhanced interrogation techniques.  AND NOT ONE OF THEM HAS HAD THEIR GONADS HOOKED TO BATTERIES!

Look, I'd love to be all - golly, Oreos and milk will get people to talk...but I don't know that.

You know why?  Because none of them talked after getting Oreos and milk.  They TALKED after enhanced interrogation techniques.  Hindsight eats sunshine and craps rainbows.  We are all idealistic...but what good is idealism, if you are dead at the hands of extremists?

Apparently, we got info about a plot to take down the Brooklyn bridge, explode gas stations, derail a train, crash planes into Heathrow and crash planes into a building in LA.  These are only the things released so far, that were prevented...and we're supposed to hate the CIA and the administration?

Which leads me to the title of this blog.  Obama hasn't reversed all those terrible Bush-era things, like renditions, the Patriot Act.....Guantanamo, still open!  I've been reading Nancy Reagan's book.  She talked about debates and how she hated them...why?  Because the incumbent is at a disadvantage .  They know all kinds of top secret info that they CAN'T mention, while the other party is attacking them on foreign policy.

That's really the dream of the naive.  The wishful hopeychanging of the situation.  The ignorance is bliss...

When Obama won and the news said that he was about to attend his first TOP SECRET national security briefing, I turned to my brother and said, "This is when he poops his pants...."

We're not stupid, stupid.

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