Saturday, July 23, 2011

Fly the mighty (poem)

Dedicated to the Seals who were murdered.  May God hold you softly.

Fly the mighty
Into night
Over continental breeze
On a raft of silvery
To the home of family

Fly the mighty
Out of squalor
Into arms of evernever
Embracing stars
Endeavor peace and dignity

Fly the mighty
From the rubble
Of the trouble
Always spoken
To the land of whispery imagination blossoming

Fly the mighty
From the midst of petty
Thievery and drift on satin apron strings
To meditate on golden things won long ago before
The Earth shook angry because we looked down

Fly the mighty
With the innocents
To swoop and joyful shout
In aerial endeavors free from tethers
And, formerly mute, shout silently of liberty.

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