Saturday, July 23, 2011

Time Warped.

I realized something last week when I bought a few light pop culture magazines to see me through the gap between dental work.  I was perusing them when it hit me:  I don't know who 20% of these people are.

I thought, "This has to be the beginning of the end."  I'd once kept on top of things like culture, music, technology.  I am now backwards.  It's only one short step to "Lawrence Welkville" for me if I don't leap myself back into the zeitgeist!

There will come a time that I will lament the loss of Facebook to Twitter.  I will bitterly cling to bands that play instruments.  When someone says "The Decembrists" I will say, "I remember when bands had GOOD names, like "10,000 Maniacs" and "The Police"!  I'll shuffle past you in my slippers muttering, "Computers were never meant to be held in your hand. I'll crochet you a PC cover!"

Whenever I have a "tech" issue, I will point at the problem and say to my niece, "You fix!  I can't get access to The Oatmeal!"
It was stark reality just today when I could not solve my music issue.  I had tweedled around and mucked with things and just couldn't sort it out.  I had to hand it over to the niece.  I still don't know what she did.

I'd better get myself a book about the new realities of life.  I should study up, although I kind of like the idea of a slow progression to codgerhood.  With age comes wisdom.  The wisdom to point at a problem and say, "You fix.  I watch."

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