Monday, July 25, 2011

"Do some firebombing"?????

Have a read  of a left-winger's comment on Reddit awhile back.  This person is well known on social media sites.

"The Republicans were so rabid against FDR, that they even went so far as to attack his dog, just like they did against Obama
The difference is this: FDR fought back, and he fought back hard. History (and the voters) reward real leadership, and Obama has been severely lacking. I understand everything you are saying, and know that perceptions matter, but in the end, who is playing who? The end result of this political theater is an ever increasing conservative position and the sacrifice of real change and reform.
Stand strong, fight back, do some firebombing. Progressives may take a temporary hit, but will send an undeniable message to the cons: they mean business and are willing to do anything it takes to support progress.
If the Republicans want to hold START hostage, so be it. Fight back and kill all highway funding to red states. Or better yet, start to play the media harder and get the message out. There has never been a better time for progressives to draw a clear contrast with the regressive right, we have the moral highground, and need to broadcast it."

Sometimes a person has to introspect.  Exactly WHAT SORT of radical is giving me my "talking points"?   This Reddit poster, Novenator, is also a blogger known as Ole Ole Olson at the far-left site "NewsJunkiePost."

The comment on Reddit is something I had not seen until today, but doesn't it speak volumes?

What's particularly egregious is that the author of the quote is someone who frequently sends up distress signals about the dangerous "right-wingers."  In addition, this person talks about language used by politicians as something that might incite those "right-wingers" to violence.

Do some firebombing for the progressive cause?  It can be a tendency on the part of some people to hold folks responsible for things they did not say... things that were said by people who shared their ideology, but here we have an actual encouragement to do violence from the horse's mouth.

You know who used to like to use fire-bombs?  The KKK.  

Congress of Racial Equality (CORE) Freedom Riders arrived in Anniston in May 1961.  The KKK threw firebombs on the bus, which forced the Freedom Riders out of the bus into the violent arms of the KKK, who wielded bats and chains upon the Freedom Riders.

What sets YOU apart from barbarians?  Are you "willing to do anything it takes to support progress"?  Well, are you?

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