Saturday, July 23, 2011

That one time when I went to a Tea Party protest (April 15, 2009)

Overturned burning cars.  Broken windows.  Ok... actually there was a canned food drive and we were asked to bring some beans. Those insidious rapscallions!  We didn't carry our beans concealed.  Sometimes beans CAN be a weapon, if you know what I'm saying...

Being slackers like we are, we were late to the protest on account of a previous appointment.  We got there for the last half hour.

We didn't know if we'd find the event.  This is the mild midwest, not some right-wing terror state like Texas or Alaska.  How would we locate our fellow dangerous-minded people?  We thought maybe we'd join five or six revolutionaries, talk bad about the government for awhile and then disperse to go eat meat for supper, as we do.

Then we saw, like, a whole BUNCH of people!  Like four hundred or so. It's almost as though regular folks heard about this anarchist movement and actually decided to turn up and wave signs in an organized manner!
We parked across the road from the Congressman's office.  I guess he wasn't there.  Some people said they weren't letting protesters park in his lot, but then the media showed up and they decided to go ahead and let people park in their congressman's lot.  I can understand him not coming out to meet with or talk to people.  These people might not have voted for him after all.

We parked in the far end of an empty lot of a bank.  You won't believe what we found out next.  It'll scare you right where you are.
This guy is clearly a dangerous revolutionary.  You can tell by looking.  He said that the woman from the bank walked out and told people they couldn't park there because it's private property.  I can understand.  If sixty customers had showed up at the bank all at once, seven of them wouldn't have been able to park in the bank's lot!

Anyway, this guy told the woman that he'd move his car and withdraw his money from their bank the next day!  Turns out he is a customer and he actually THREATENED to stop doing business with the bank!  Can you believe it? 
Someone has to stop these people.  The woman was so scared that she went inside the bank and didn't come out again.
Oh no.  Clearly a shill for the military-industrial complex conspiracy type of guy!  Support the military?  You have to be kidding me.  Who do these people think they are.  Defense=war.  Didn't they get the memo?

What an angry mob!  Don't they scare you?  You're going to have nightmares about this aren't you?  Sue them for it, I say!

Ohmigosh.  These Nazis are actually laughing and smiling.  I can. not. believe. it.

No no newsguy!  Don't give media attention to this rabble!  It will just encourage them and they will tear America down!  They want to say stuff!  It has to be stopped.  It has to.

Get a load of this goon.  Sitting there all smug and smiling with her sign acting like she might have some wisdom just because she's 101.  Don't be fooled by the modest springlike jacket, I'm sure this plant is Leona Helmsley rich!  Those old people have to go!

My goodness.  These war mongers have no shame.  Obviously this deranged woman is PROUD to have a child in the military.  It just goes to show you how unhinged these folks are.

That is NOT funny young lady!  You clearly need to volunteer in the civilian youth corps and get educated properly.  Don't you know what 1773 led to?  It led to a war!  Yes, the country got its liberty...but there was a huge rebellion.  And it didn't STOP taxation!

I just don't understand the thought process of these people!  They are like another species!  Can you imagine wanting to take a photograph of that 101 year-old woman sitting all regal in that chair like she's the queen of the world and can't stand up like the rest of them?  It's like something bad out of Revelations or something.  Society has gone ca-raaazy! Anyway, it was clear that this was a totally insignificant completely staged event where people were utterly out of touch with reality.  Zombies. I mean, a centenarian protesting for the first time in her long life?  The country is going to Hell in a handbasket and the government had better do something about it.

This doggy knows what danger lies ahead.   Someone actually suggested that a uniformed police officer in an unmarked car drove by and discreetly gave the mob a thumbs-up!  We need to find out who that was and report him to Homeland Security!  And some driver rolled down his window and yelled, "Remember your freedom!  Remember your freedom!"  Like that bad guy in "Braveheart".

Rabble.  Anarchy.  Chaos.  It's all HERE.  Here's the pudding wherein lies the proof.

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